Quotation – No.14

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Edited translation

“The area I grew up in was rather remote but there were some incredible alternative scenes.  The cut-off nature of the place has also had a real impact on how I research and obsess over certain music and imagery now.”

“at 23 I met Lulu Kennedy at Fashion East – I arrived for my interview and never left.  The project was non-profit so I began assistant art directing at 26 on an Adidas project with JJ Marshall Associates.  We also began working with Levis Europe at that time which is how my casting took off”

“It seems true creative moments can only happen when people aren’t afraid to step out of line.  Fashion East offers this chance – it is a real celebration of the bold and the new.”

“LFW fashion week, I’m most looking forward to working with Cathy Edwards for Christopher Raeburn again.  Her vision for female casting is aspirational – her work pioneers the type of quiet, strong feminity that I love.”

“Style icon?  Mr Kurino of United Arrows.  The ultimate gentleman!  So informed and passionate about youth sub-cultures – his look and manner always show integrity…he is also the owner of one of the smoothest collections of soul vinyl on the planet”