Hugo Boss ‘Man of Today’ campaign – shot by Bryan Adams



HUGO BOSS gathered six men in the London studio of the renowned photographer and multi-platinum selling artist, Bryan Adams.  They came from all over the world, bringing a diverse range of stories and experiences. The goal of the #manoftoday project was to take a snapshot of masculinity in the 21st century.

From top -

Ahmad Al Boloushi travelled from Kuwait.  He came to represent the Middle East and show that masculinity can be something progressive and supportive. He and his wife run The Hybrids, one of the region’s most popular fashion blogs.

Juan Carlos Baumgartner, 43, travelled all the way from Mexico City.  He runs a successful architecture firm, with offices in North and Latin America, but he hasn’t let that success color his ambitions. He stays true to his original aim, which is to set a new standard for the industry – one that puts sustainability first. But what comes first for him will always be his family.

Javier Fernandez Piera, 38, comes from Madrid, where he was born and raised. But his journey through life has been anything but simple. He went against the wishes of his family and put his reputation on the line to pursue his lifelong passion: magic.

Samuel Hayward, 26, showed that following in your father’s footsteps doesn’t mean you can’t forge your own path. He’s a firefighter, just like his dad. He’s working a stressful job while dealing with the social pressures of being a young man by applying the lessons his father taught him to the modern world.

Joshua James Jacobs, 28,  grew up in Kansas racing sprint cars with his dad. He showed that following your dreams isn’t always easy. It can mean leaving things behind; it can even mean having to start over from scratch. But everyone deserves a second chance, and, as he puts it, “we all owe it to ourselves to be exceptional.”

Niko Baur, 34, from Ulm in south Germany. He showed that in life, it’s not just about the cards you’re dealt. It’s how you play the hand. When his daughter was born with a rare genetic condition, he put his family first –and showed what it means to be a modern father.